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Because You Want to a Make a Positive Difference in the World… Begin by Making a Commitment to Transform Your Fears and Limitations.


One out of every 10 people have irrational fears that make routine events like flying, or crossing a bridge overwhelmingly difficult. These people aren't 'crazy,' they know without a doubt that their fears are irrational- but they can not control the fear. These people have phobias.

Almost everyone is afraid of something - spiders, being alone after dark, or speaking in front of a crowd of people.


Neuro-linguistic Programming combined with a bouquet of highly effective change techniques (TFT, Energy Kinesiology, and Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT)) has an amazing record for relieving the pain, embarrassment, and social isolation that often goes with phobias, panic attacks, conditions related to anxiety and unresolved fears and losses.

Stephanie Shipper has 25 years of successful & ongoing results with everything from fear of flying and crossing bridges to performance anxiety, shy bladder (fear of urinating in public restrooms) and symptoms related to unresolved fears and losses.

You have come to the right place for:

NLP for Phobias, Panic Attacks, and Conditions related to Unresolved Fears and Losses - results you can see, hear, and feel in a few short sessions.

"Unlike pyschotherapy...achievement of immediate results." - A.L., West Virginia

Our Promise:

"Significant change in symptoms in 15 hours or your money back.”

Example: Fear of Flying - Fear of Heights


Problem: I am a 44 year old male and about 5 years ago I began to suffer from an extreme fear of flying. Previous to this I had been flying privately for almost 20 years and never had any trouble. The fear of flying was an immediate onset.

My fears expressed themselves as screaming at any bit of turbulence, sweating, trembling, and clutching armrests so tightly that my hands would cramp. I would swear that I would never fly again. My life partner is a private pilot; This greatly effected our choices and lifestyle. My fear was so debilitating that I made a decision that on any trip, my partner would fly and I would drive to meet him, ( up to 7 hours at times!)....anything to avoid getting in the plane!

Action: I had a three hour session with Stephanie and engaged a meditative exercise to get a complete overview of the problem. This in fact was really intriguing as I came to understand that the fear had a much longer history. Stephanie created and tested an exercise to heal the original fear, and crafted an intervention to interrupt the entire phobic response. So simple, so powerful!

Today I use the healing exercise as a healthy regimen daily to help in almost any situation…from general stress, to fear of a challenging situation. I do Stephanie's exercise and all is well, clear, and safe for me.

Result: In the past 3 years since the phobia work I have been flown over 15 trips through some fairly intense, low visibility, and turbulent weather. I am writing from an armchair on the beach in the Bahamas, celebrating another wonderful flight! - Jim Hill, Raleigh, NC

If you are ready to Restore Basic Freedoms and Fun drop Stephanie an email at and please read on. You’ll be surprised by how many people sadly suffer from phobias and delighted that many people have found significant relief from their overwhelming fears.


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Performance / Interview Anxiety

Problem: Jonathan is a gifted high school student who was spending his summers interning at MIT in a top research lab. Jonathan could not get up in front of a class or meet with interested schools for interviews without having heart palpations, profuse sweating, and fumbling over words and explanations he was required to give...often completely losing his train of thought. No lack of brilliance here...Jonathan was greatly arrested in any circumstance where he was called upon to deliver his enormous capabilities.

Action: Over several meetings we dealt with each of the responses, building in a set of calming responses which Jonathan learned to engage. We also engaged in true to life role plays where Jonathan learned to relax under questioning.

Result: Jonathan interviewed and received a scholarship to a highly competitive pre-med program...and is happily now able to present and answer questions with colleagues of greater years and training than his own!
Stephanie Shipper

Coaching for Phobias/Panic Attacks & Conditions Related to Unresolved Fears and Losses using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Energy Kinesiology, Ericksonian Hypnosis, TFT, Gestalt Therapy and Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT).

Stephanie Shipper has successfully taught and worked with medical professionals, mediators, CEO's, military peacekeeping forces and those seeking personal change for 25 years. She is one of 139 persons internationally certified as a Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and is a certified Instructor of Energy Kinesiology (TFH). Find out more...